Run A Muck Hobby Farm and Gift Shop

Andie Lawson started the farm 3 years ago. We have a mixed heritage flock if laying hens and pride ourselves in raising free-range birds and heritage, pasture-raised pigs. Our veggies are grown naturally and we don’t use any synthetic fertilizers on the farm.

She prefers to farm the natural way, soil building using compost made on the farm along with rotational grazing practices. We added a small orchard this year including Apple, crab apple, cherry, and plum as well as several hazelnut trees. The motto is Homegrown. This is a family run farm.

The gift shop was created this year with the help of Andie’s mother Bonnie Lawson and a family friend, Tammy Gibeault and lots of help from her daughter Sadie. In the gift shop, you can find treasures, antiques, collectibles, rustic farmhouse decor made by us as well as country style baked goods. Their future goal is to hold seasonal events for the community at Halloween, Xmas and other holidays could be added. Andie tries to be active within the community donating pork and eggs to various charitable events throughout the year.


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