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Tlatlos creek Falls, Eve River Mainline, Photo Credit, Bud Logan

The Sayward region has many wonderful Waterfalls, from small unnamed falls on creeks and rivers up to in my eyes what is the tallest falls in Canada, which is Kiwi Falls. Although you will need to convince those that believe Della Falls is the highest.

Our area is covered by a temperate Rain forest and it receives an incredible amount of rainfall annually. This, in turn, feeds waterfalls that can be found in our area.

Hike along any river or creek here in the Sayward area and you will at some point run into a waterfall. There are many trails that will take you to some awesome waterfalls. Along these trails, you will have the opportunity to view various ecosystems at work and the incredible diversity of its plants, trees, and wildlife.

You could see black bears, deer, Roosevelt elk, cougars, wolves and other kinds of small forest creatures along with an incredible display of wildflowers that changes with your elevation. As you get up higher in the alpine you will see wildflowers everywhere.

Waterfalls are pretty awesome, we will be actively searching out new falls to add. It’s quite exciting when you see a new waterfall for the first time.

Big Tree Creek Falls

Big Tree Creek Waterfall, Sayward Valley, BC
Big Tree Creek Waterfall, Sayward Valley, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Big Tree Creek Falls is one of our hidden falls here in the valley, they are located just below the bridge that crosses the creek on the highway south of Sayward. The bridge is located at the top of the hill just south of the marine harvest hatchery.

Park at the old rest stop entrance and walk across the bridge, head left, down off the highway, there is no real trail, just a very rough path, its hard to find but if you find your way down to the falls, its a pretty awesome sight. a trail down is ready to be built and we should be able to get at it soon.

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Eternal Fountain Falls

Eternal Fountain Falls, Photo Credit, Bud Logan, Sayward BC

A trip to the north island has to include the beautiful Eternal Fountain. This fountain waterfall is something to see, its a waterfall that comes out of the rock, falls down about 5 meters and disappears back into the mountain. Now if the beauty of these falls is not enough, then you should drop down to the base of the falls and go behind to discover another totally underground falls and a beautiful cave sculpted out of the rock by the water. The tunnel twist and turns as it follows an underground stream as it roars through the cave to the end where it drops into a deep sump and disappears. Awesome to see, but please be careful as the rock can be very slippery.

To get to the Eternal Fountain along with the Devils Bath and the Disappearing River from hwy19, turn off onto the Keogh Rd just north of Port McNeil and head south, a short distance down the Keogh road, you will see a large directional sign with a map of the Alice Lake Loop, this is where you choose your route. The drive, depending on which route you take, is about 100 km. These are gravel logging roads so driving time for the loop will be about 2 to 3 hours. Each stop has lots to explore and numerous trails to hike so leave yourself enough time to see it all.

On this trip around the loop, you will have a good chance of seeing bears, elk, cougars, deer, wolves and any number of smaller forest creatures and if that is not enough, the bird-life is just incredible. The numerous lakes you will pass have exceptional fishing along with great camping areas, so you could take several days traveling the loop and really get to see the north island and all it has to offer.

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Kiwi Falls

Kiwi Falls, you can see the falls in the middle of the photo.

To reach the trailhead of the falls, head north towards Woss from Sayward and watch for the Keta lake rest stop, travel past here until you see the Adams Mainline on the left, follow this road for 22.5 km, at this point, you will see an old pull out on the left of the road and the trailhead is on the right side. Make sure you start the hike early as it is about 7 hours return to the falls.

Access to the falls follows a flagged trail ( not very well flagged) that will lead you through the woods and across the river until you reach the meadow and your first view of the falls. From here you travel through the meadows until you reach the other side where you head back into the forest. You are at the base of mt Schoen, here you will see the lower falls, nice but not incredible. Head up Nisak creek on the left but go well back into the forest to avoid cliffs and other difficult areas. You first will hear the falls before you get an awesome view through the trees, the falls are just awesome.

They say that Kiwi falls is actually higher than Della Falls which is touted as the highest falls in Canada if so, that means we have the highest falls in Canada located right here in the Sayward Forest. I think this is pretty awesome.

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Marble River Falls

Marble River Rapids, Photo Credit, Bud Logan, Sayward BC

The Marble River rapids and bear Falls are quite beautiful, it is one of the prettiest rivers on Vancouver Island. This river cascades down rock-lined canyons with a roar, the water is crystal clear and the pools are deep and full of fish.

The Marble River runs from Alice Lake to Varney Bay in Rupert Inlet. Marble River Provincial Park on northern Vancouver Island is located along the banks of Marble River and as far as the Quotsino Narrows that joins Holberg and Rupert Inlets with Quotsino Sound. The Park offers excellent opportunities for wilderness hiking, biking, wildlife photography and of course, fishing.

The Marble River Trail provides access to the river for those who come to watch the salmon spawning in the fall. There is an awesome Salmon spawning viewing area near the trailhead and also at Bear Falls. There is a fish ladder located at Bear Falls, about half ways down the river. Black bears use the park, especially during salmon spawning season. Please be bear aware and be careful. This trail is one of the best mountain biking trails on the north island.

The park is a great destination for angling, including fly fishing on the river and tidal water fishing in the marine portion of the park. The most popular fly fishing location, known as the Emerald Pools, is located at the end of the trail.

Walk-in wilderness camping is allowed, and a Western Forest Products Rec Site offers vehicle accessible camping adjacent to the park and trail. This is a very nice campsite, great views of the river and lots of places to cast a line in.

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Tlatlos Creek Falls

Tlatlos Creek Waterfall, Sayward, BC
Tlatlos Creek Waterfall, Sayward, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Tlatlos Creek Falls is located where the creek flows into the Eve River. To reach them, you head north from Sayward and drive up the highway towards Woss until you cross the Adams river, just past the bridge you will see the Eve River mainline, turn left here and drive until you see the Tlatlos Creek Bridge, its an old bridge that has some pretty twisted metal railings that have obviously been damaged by a logging truck.

Park just before the bridge, (pull off the road as far as you are able as this is an active logging road.) look for a rough trail just before the bridge and follow it for a short way and you will come to a spot with great views of the falls.

One day we will work on improving this trail and continuing it right around to the top of the falls.

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