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Vernon Lake

There are many Lakes on the north island- some large, some small, some natural, some man-made.

These lakes are incredibly beautiful! We have a few large ones that you could test your canoeing/kayaking skills out on! You will find that many of them have well-maintained camping facilities.

If you are into mountain hiking, we have many wonderful mountain lakes that are surrounded by old-growth forests & mountain peaks. These, more times than not, will take your breath away with their beauty!

black bear

The wildlife is incredible here with black bears, deer, elk, cougars and lots of smaller forest animals like raccoons, pine martins and squirrels, and the birdlife here is extraordinaire so bring a camera and take home some memories. There is a huge variety of plants, flowers, and trees along the shores of our lakes, come in the late spring to see the wildflowers blooming.

Be it kayaking, canoeing, hiking or fishing, and camping, our lakes are ready for you.  Visit lakes page


Sebahall River

The north island has many rivers, streams, and creeks, some are big, some are small. Some are long and some are short. They all are beautiful. We have rivers to canoe, rivers to raft, and many have world glass kayak runs.

Some flow down from the mountains through untouched valleys and some are full of big, hard fighting fish. The shores of these systems are teeming with life that will reveal itself if you just sit quietly for a bit.

eve river

We have some of the most beautiful river systems in the world and many come with incredible waterfalls, most have trails that allow easy access, so come on, take a hike along one of our river systems and see for yourself. The variety of natural formations found in rivers and streams support a wide range of plants and animals. Rapids and pools are important habitats and rearing areas for a wide range of aquatic species, and the river edges and lowlands support an abundance of wildflowers, grasses, shrubbery, and animals.

salmon river

A healthy river system is created when all aspects of plants and animals are part of the plan. For example, if salmon disappear from a river system, the system breaks down, the plant life does not get the nutrients that are provided when various animals move the dead fish up the river banks, the bears move on to other food sources, deer that rely on a vigorous plant reproduction find less feed. The health of our river systems is vitally important to all animals and plants within the watershed. Please take care and pack out what you take in. Leave only footprints, take only photos.

white river

Rivers also provide a wildlife corridor between the natural habitats and feeding areas located within rural farm areas. Animals have always used river paths as a means to get from the wilderness to feeding areas. Bears are one of the animals most commonly found traveling the river shores, heading to areas where they have traditionally fished for thousands of years. It is quite important to ensure they will always be able to use these corridors and any future usability studies must include the needs of bears and the other animals that use these river corridors.   Visit rivers page


Big Tree Creek Falls

The north island is covered by a temperate Rain forest and it receives an incredible amount of rainfall annually. This, in turn, feeds waterfalls up and down the north island. We have listed some of the best but there are so many unnamed and hidden falls that are not yet listed here or anywhere for that matter.

Hike along any river or creek or head up any mountain and you will see what I mean. The north island has many trails that will take you to some awesome waterfalls but along these trails, you have the opportunity to view various ecosystems at work and the incredible diversity of its plants, trees, and wildlife.

montague falls

You could see black bears, deer, Roosevelt elk, cougars, wolves and other kinds of small forest creatures along with an incredible display of wildflowers that changes with your elevation and season. As you get up higher, you could see marmots and again, wildflowers everywhere. Our forests are filled with many types of birds.

At the base of most waterfalls, in the fall, you can see the salmon as they gather their strength to make the leaps needed to get beyond some of the falls to the place of their birth. This is where the bears gather to fish. Along the river’s edge you will see sea wolves as they feast on this bounty, they are a sub-species of the grey wolf. They are fish eaters.

tlatlos falls

Waterfalls are pretty awesome, we will be actively searching out new falls to add to the site. It’s quite exciting when you see a waterfall for the first time.   Visit waterfalls page

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