Eco-tourism. Are we ready for it?

Dec.3, 2018

Sayward ecotourism focuses on delivering wilderness adventures and promoting the supernatural wonder’s we have.

Our rain forests, seaways, mountains, rivers & lakes, and local first nations culture are our primary attractions. Responsible ecotourism minimizes the adverse effects of human impact on these natural environments, while at the same time promoting their wonder and beauty.

Ecotourism is flourishing rapidly throughout the north island. The tourists themselves are evolving, like nature, heritage, and outdoor recreational destinations gain more prominence for them. This presents both a challenge & an opportunity for both government and private operators. Ecotourism must benefit local populations economically & culturally, in order to secure incentives to protect the natural resources that create these attractions in the first place.

In an era of increased environmental awareness, and accessibility to backcountry locales, tour operators & local government are actively promoting these natural resources to entice this new breed of tourist. The challenge to ecotourism is in preserving these natural resources, while promoting them, & accommodating the many tourists drawn to our coast through this publicity.

Kelsey Bay Wharf, Sayward, BC
Fishing on the wharf, photo credit, Bud Logan

Businesses are creating countless ecotourism opportunities, and local communities & governments are working alongside these businesses to promote their areas.

The north island is an amazing place, full of wonder, grand vistas, and friendly people. The eco-tourists are beginning to realize this and the region has become a destination of choice for those looking for wilderness adventures.

Northern Vancouver Island is a premier, world-class eco-tourism destination. Tourism will foster economic stability in our area, while at the same time, will help to preserve the remaining northern Vancouver Island wilderness.

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