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North island trail, photo by Bud Logan

Northern Vancouver Island is a wilderness adventure destination and the Sayward Valley is the gateway.  The adventures are here just waiting for you. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy our forests and waterways.

So come on…. put on your hiking boots, step out your door, and you’ll be well on your way to a great adventure! The Sayward area has much to offer those who love the outdoors!

Vernon Lake, photo by Bud Logan

There are wonderful lakes, rivers, and campgrounds that readily await your use. Gaining access to these areas is (for the most part) very easy – there are many logging roads open to the public, but please drive carefully, as most of these are active logging roads.

The Sayward area offers many opportunities for outdoor adventure! You can go canoeing, white river rafting, whale watching, mountain hiking, mountain climbing, ocean kayaking and so much more. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting.

All 5 species of pacific salmon migrate along the coast and spawn in the many rivers and streams that flow down to the sea.  Black bears and the sea wolfs come to the rivers to gorge on this feast as they get ready to settle in for winter. This is a vital component of the forest. These large animals carry fish into the forest where they can enjoy at a slower pace, the sea wolves will only eat the brains from these fish as the rest of the salmon has an element in it that can harm the wolf.  After the fish has been chewed upon, the animal will leave the remains, this is quickly broken down by various smaller animals and insects until it is finally absorbed into the land. This quite effectively feeds the land. Just walk down a river where there is a healthy run of salmon, you will see how vibrant the growth is. Then take a walk along the banks of a stream where the salmon runs have been destroyed, you will see what I mean. We strive to keep our rivers clean with a healthy run of fish.

Sayward is home to the Roosevelt elk, they can be seen everywhere in our forests. They are the biggest elk in the world and are very impressive to see in a forest setting.

We have quite a few edible mushrooms in our forests, you can find chanterelle, pines and many others in the fall or morel mushrooms in spring, to take home to the frying pan.

Whether you are to here visit our parks or view our numerous waterfalls, hike on our mountain trails, hunt for edible mushrooms & plants, or go kayak with the seals, the Sayward area has the adventure you are looking for.

Given our many spectacular rivers, lakes, valleys, and mountains, along with our small population, you can see why so many outdoor enthusiasts choose to come back again and again!

Kayak & Canoeing   Parks   Spelunking


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