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Sayward B.C. Video credit- Ray Pandez


There are many places to stay in the valley, from rustic campgrounds to beautiful B&Bs, from full-service RV sites to hostels and motels, we something for everyone here. Read more…


Whale Watching, Sayward, Vancouver Island, BC
Kelsey Bay Wharf

With the Sayward Valley having a year-round population of about 1500, it has that small-town feel, there are farms and forests all along the 10 km road that leads to town from the junction. Many people come from all over the world to take in the beauty of the Sayward area, we are in a middle of a vast wilderness forest containing rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, it is a place to go kayaking, hiking or fishing, true wilderness adventures are waiting at every twist of the trail or dip of the paddle. Read more…


Local Sayward Art
Local Sayward Art

There is a whole community of craftspeople and artists that love to create, some of the artists have studios where you can see them in their element and there is a farmers market held at the Heritage Hall on Saturdays, a Sunday Market in the Kelsey Centre and we have several craft shops out in the valley and a wonderful gift shop on the wharf where you can buy all sorts of incredible local crafts. Read more…


There are no fast-food chain restaurants, no big box stores, but you will find some good places to eat.  Read more…


View From Mt Kusam Trail
View From Mt Kusam Trail

There are many trails in the valley, some are quite easy while others will test your endurance to the limits. The Mount H’Kusam klimb is a tough mountain race that takes you up a mountain and down again. It covers 23 km of trails. “are you tough enough”.  Read more…


Sayward has quite the history, from the first nation’s settlement on the Salmon River, through the early logging days and on up to this point in time. Read more…


Kayaking is pretty awesome
Kayaking is pretty awesome, photo by Bud Logan

There something to be said for kayaking along, listening to the steady dip of the paddle, soaking up the wonders all around you, off in the distance you might see the puff of mist from a humpback whale, or perhaps the big eyes of a close passing sea-lion.

You can forget all about your worries and just enjoy yourself. This could be the adventure of a lifetime, a journey you will never forget. Read more…


We have many parks located in the Sayward Forest area. Most of these parks are located on the shores of our lakes, these parks are awesome for picnics, fishing and camping, most have well looked after rec sites. Read more…


Upper Elk Cave Rec Site
Upper Elk Cave Rec Site, photo by Bud Logan

If you are not claustrophobic and like squeezing through tight places underground, then the Sayward area is the place for you. There are many caves in our area, some are quite easy while others require you to rappel shallow and deep drops, some are hidden while others have rec sites. Read more…


There are many trails here in the Sayward area. Some are wheelchair assessable while others are extremely demanding. Some are right in the valley, some require a short drive to reach. All of them are pretty awesome.


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